KGT Business Solutions

"Benefit Beyond Borders"

KGT Business Solutions is a leading debt collection firm operating from Pakistan. The company was formed with an aim to solidify and secure the interests of local and international conglomerates / financial institutions regarding debt recovery and to provide intermediary services.

KGT Business Solutions is licensee by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan for providing “Intermediary Services” to all Banks in Pakistan. In 2019, KGT was duly Licensed by Pakistan Banks Association which is a body formed by State Bank of Pakistan to regulate Recoveries & Repossession Agencies’ Business in Pakistan. The aim was to create a discipline & to set a code of conduct to be adhered to by the Approved Agencies in respect of Collection, Recovery and or Repossession of Collateralized Assets.

Pakistan Banks Association’s approval for enlistment of KGT Business Solutions as a “Recovery & Collection Agency” is based on the State Bank of Pakistan’s guidelines under SBP Prudential Regulations, issued to control “Recoveries & Re-Possession Business in Pakistan” in a disciplined manner.

Key Services

  • International Debt Collection
  • Local Debt Collection
  • Public Record Database Services
  • Intermediary Services.

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