KG Traders (Pvt) Limited

"One Source Service Partner"

Credit Risk Information and Colletral Managment Company

KG Traders, an organization with a legacy of commitment and excellency of more than 50 years, has now became one of the most respected brands in the field of credit risk information and collateral management in the banking industry. The company relishes a privilege of being an industry leader and has command over trade operations, collateral management, asset valuations, stocks inspections and business information services.

The journey of the success dates back to 1964. What started as a propriety business has now evolved into one of the leading organization through the emphasis on principles of prudent practices, technological advancement, team building and integrity. During the last 5 decades the Company has made significant progress in terms of its operations, presence and products’ range. The company has seen new heights and now is present with infrastructure consisting of 11 branches across country and a staff strength of more than 800 well trained individuals. Yet, we believe, this is just the beginning.

Key Services

Collateral Management Services

  • Clearing Forwarding & Supervision Services
  • Muccadam / Collateral Management

Asset Evaluation Services

  • Fixed Asset Valuation Services (Land, Building, Plant & Machinery)
  • Commodity Survey, Inspection & Valuation

Business & Financial Appraisal Services

  • Business Information Reports
  • Merchant Verification
  • Market Check Reports

Credit Reports

  • Income Estimation & Local Credit Reports
  • International Credit Reports

Asset Management Services

  • Fixed Asset Management & Reconciliation
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracing & Tagging Services