Clearing & Forwarding

Under these services, the group acts as a Clearing & Forwarding Agent being licensed by the Custom Authorities to transact business at Custom House on behalf of Importers and Exporters.

The organizations Clearance related services include:

Project Clearing

Having served innumerable Banks, Corporate Organizations, Government Departments and Autonomous Bodies – Exventure Group specializes in custom clearance and transportation of projects across a diversified set of industries. All project work is handled within the frame of quality assurance guidelines and procedures to boost clients’ trust and to accomplish their expectations of prompt and safe deliveries.

Post Clearing Services

Processing of refunds, duty drawbacks, release of Bank Guarantees / Indemnity Bonds and follow-up of cases referred to the valuation branch are also being handled by the Exventure Group in order to provide end-to-end custom clearance related services to our clients.


Exventure Group manages fleet of vehicles for local delivery of goods within Karachi. However, for upcountry containerized deliveries, heavy lifts, over dimension machinery - the organization engages well experienced transport companies with creditable reputation.

Supervision Services

Supervision services cover all import and export transactions which are financed by the Bank. We act as Supervisor of those transactions and supervise Borrowers clearing and forwarding agents, to ensure that all relevant consignments (imported or exported) are processed as per pre-set rules and procedures described by the Principal Bank.

The services require posting of our representatives to monitor and report transportation of relevant stocks and covers 24/7 port transport operations.