Local Credit Report

Under these services the organization acts as outsourced consultants to facilitate banks / financial institution in professional assessment of the customer / borrower credit worthiness, market reputation & associated credit & market risks in the relevant business market / industry. Accordingly, we conduct a formal visit to the customer / borrower business premises for the required information complying with the pre-approved reporting parameters to compile, evaluate and prepare a comprehensive local credit & market checking report, whereby, our role would be more precise to the diligence of income sources realization, documents authenticity, business aptitude & management background, market reputation feedback, credit & market risks, and creditworthiness including loan re-payment history (if any).

KGT employs a team of professional consultants who possess an in-depth knowledge of diversified industry-business sectors, business or trade practices, industry-wise statutory & regulatory requirements, legal framework, bank-credit financing options, genuineness & purpose of information sources / documents, financial & management data analysis, etc. However, our execution strategy outlines include the following: