Global & Domestic Debt Collection

Exventure Group’s Company, KGT Business Solutions provides a full end-to-end Debt Collection Service for international & Domestic debt collection. Our highly professional team members ensure that we provide 100% results on recovery assignments without indulging the primary client any problem. In this connection we try to protect them with the name of our brand and reputation.

Whether the debtor is across the street or across the globe, we have a highly motivated team of experienced negotiators with a passion for what they do in an efficient manner. Debt recovery success is achieved by focusing on diplomacy, persistence, follow-ups and an understanding with different types of individuals and business circumstances.

To achieve the desired results, we continuously try to increase the number of affiliations worldwide with various reputable debt collection agencies. This approach helps us to achieve desired results while maintaining core values. Our objective is to utilize the right system with the right people & matching the service requirements with the clients’ requirement, ensuring optimum recovery of both large and small debts that may have previously been considered futile or uncollectable.

Unlike many collection agencies operating in Pakistan, our domestic services are based on best International practices and we are the only company who has collection network in almost every big City in Pakistan while we operate Internationally through our Vendors with whom we have agreements.

We are 100% committed to provide our customers with the best collection services possible. International debt collection cases are always handled by our local professionals. In Pakistan, our Collection Team Members speaks our language & International customers’ language as well. We very well understand local cultures and processes. Our local expertise, a genuinely global mind-set, transparent pricing and standardized processes, are the building blocks of a seamless delivery and results for the business. We practically know how to respond a problem in collection assignment and how to exert the right level of pressure to maximize revenue collection.

Our skilled collectors are expert in the local law and practices. We work closely with our vendors to achieve the outcome they want. By assigning the debt recovery process to us, the vendors are able to focus on their core business. In this connection collecting debts becomes the most cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings. We work closely with vendors to seek the quickest and most appropriate solution for them, so that they maintain confidence in their business operations. Our professional teams remain available to support vendors through any debt collection challenges in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our dedicated teams include the professional lawyers who best assists the clients for debt recovery issues in Pakistan. Our attorneys regularly appear on behalf of clients in bankruptcy courts across Pakistan. Kindly note that Legal action is best kept as a last resort, therefore before adopting this option, we explore all other options. We understand very well that resolution procedures can make it easier to control costs and are often less confrontational than court proceedings. Therefore, this option is adopted as the last resort.