ERP Software Development

Exventure Group’s Company, Radium Technologies is a versatile IT company with a special emphasis on ERP Software Development and indigenous ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solutions. We help our clients in placing innovation at the heart of their business; empowering them to move faster, scale quicker, make informed and data-backed decisions, & reduce operational costs. Radium Technologies can assist any business in building an extension to their existing web property or a stand-alone app with robust process automation capabilities.

Our ERP Development Strategy:

Discovery & Planning

There will be initial meetings and documentation developed as the team works to classify current issues and possible solutions. An important part of this stage is constructing the project plan, which will serve as a guide throughout the rest of the project.


In the ERP Design phase, the project team and implementation team will be working out the various outlines for the new system, defining roles, and detailing standard procedures.


The purpose of the development phase is to prepare the entire system for going live. This includes activities such as completing any necessary customizations, developing user trainings, and importing data.


In this phase, our team of expert Software Quality Engineers verify that the system’s functionality is aligning with the set requirements for the project. The Testing and Development phases will often overlap, as the implementation and project teams jump between the two – constantly fine tuning the configuration.


The project team and implementation team will assess the situation and make the final go or no-go decision. Prior to going live, the final data will be loaded and validated. The project team will train other employees who will then start working in the new system, and completely stop using the old one.

Ongoing Support

Once the ERP system has gone live, the purpose of the project team will shift. Over time, as the way the users work within the system evolves, adjustments and changes to the system configuration may be needed.