Assets Valuation

Valuation Services constitute a large portion of the Exventure Group business, where the organization acts as an Assets Surveyor / Valuer on valuation assignment being requested by the client i.e. Banks, Leasing Companies, Corporate and Individuals. The assets for evaluation considerations broadly include land, building, plant, machinery and stocks, whereby the valuation assignments are likely performed / conducted by the approved valuers, of Pakistan Banks Association (PBA) or Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP), within their given financial limits and panels to determine the best value estimates of the subject assets under normal and distress market conditions i.e., Assessed Present Market Value and Forced Sale Value (FSV) for various management, financial and banking considerations.

Exventure Group’s company K.G. Traders, under the Prudential Regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan, has been enlisted as the Approved Valuer by the Pakistan Banks Association under all of their Panels i.e., 1, 2 & 3 having the “Any Amount” Financial / Credit Limit for the valuation of different assets categories i.e. land, building, plant & machinery & equipment and stocks / commodities, etc.

The organization under the Leasing Rules 2000 has also been approved as the Professional Valuer on the panel of valuers maintained by the LAP. K.G. Traders as Asset Valuators has evaluated over 5000 Valuations of residential / commercial land and building including project valuations and over 10,000 stocks Inspections on behalf of different Banks all over Pakistan, to date.