Assets Management Services

Exventure Group’s company, K. G. Traders possesses a wealth of knowledge in best practices and management procedures for fixed asset management services that can help a Company gain control of its fixed assets. Its professionals provide trusted advice in process flow, data management and depreciation accounting for fixed asset reporting and assist with the implementation of property control procedures & fixed asset recording. Inventory solutions can be implemented in cooperation with the facility’s management staff’ to establish an effective procedure for routine inventories & new additions of fixed assets.

Our job starts with a project planning phase that includes detailed reviews of the client’s policies, procedures and fixed asset accounting records. Physical verification and recording of all fixed assets is carried out and is reconciled with the fixed asset records of the client (if available). Fixed asset inventory management mainly includes:

  1. location wise detailed description and classification of each item
  2. date of acquisition
  3. original cost of the item (if available) or valuation of each item
  4. rate of depreciation
  5. accumulated depreciation
  6. depreciation charged for the period
  7. date of revaluation
  8. revaluation amount of the item
  9. depreciation on revalued amount
  10. accumulated depreciation on revalued amount

Upon completion of above mentioned fundamental tasks, we inventory all fixed assets in accordance with the international standards, record existing tags (if available) or apply a new bar coded tag to each asset and record all tag numbers as part of the assets record / database. The barcode enabled identification tags have the option for machine readable codes being printed thereon for assets IDs. After that, we perform sample testing of major locations within the facility and finally conduct a walk-through of the facility to ensure that no fixed assets were missed.

Our Fixed Asset Management Software is specially designed for an effective and accurate control on fixed assets, from its initial acquisition to disposal, including the gains or losses thereof. Flexible and periodic calculation of depreciation is available to support all depreciation methods applied in different types of businesses. The software allows companies to track what assets it owns, where each is located, who has it, when it was checked out, when it is due for return, when it is scheduled for maintenance, and the cost and depreciation of each asset.